You have been invited to join by a property manager who knows and trusts you. It's maintenance in your pocket.

Save Time

Get Paid Faster

Clearer Instructions

Get More Work

Why have you been asked to join?

A property manager that knows or trusts you as a professional trade suppliers to their agency has adopted an exciting new software communication platform that streamlines the handling of maintenance for all parties and keeps everyone better informed. Landlords, Tenants, Strata Bodies, Property Managers and Trade Suppliers are all part of the solution and now have access to simple online tools including Apps and Web Portals.

What's in it for me?

  • You will receive clearer and consistently formatted job sheets every time (via email or SMS)
  • You can get more work, as your business can be exposed to multiple real estate agents
  • Your invoices will NEVER get lost
  • You will get faster payment approvals from Property Managers
  • You will have all information easily accessible 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • You can send notes directly to the Property Manager's screen for a faster response
  • No need to change your current accounting or quote software

How does it work?

The Property Manager gets advice of the job via the Tenant App or from other sources. The job sheet is created and an email or SMS is sent to you with a link to the job. On your phone, tablet or computer you can respond to the Property Manager with one click or send a note (you can even talk it in if your device allows it!). You can see every job and the stage it is at, send quotes, respond to work orders, check the status of the job or most importantly check the approval of your invoice 24/7.

There is a small administration fee per invoiced job, however there is NO COST to provide quotes. Find out more by clicking here, or call 1300 155 888

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