Tips for a stress-free EOFY

Tips for a stress-free EOFY


The End of Financial Year is almost upon us. As with most time consuming exercises, the key is to be well prepared. Discover how a growing number of property managers nationally are reducing EOFY stress in their offices by working smarter, not harder.

It’s no secret that the role of property manager is a busy and varied one. Unless you work in an office with a large property management team where each individual has a specialised role, you probably wear a number of hats. Is it any wonder that independent studies on the state of wellbeing in property management have revealed that more than 60% of property managers are suffering from stress with 35% seeking medical advice for their stress?

The End of Financial Year places additional demands on property managers. On top of your normal duties you need to:

  • Preview all EOFY statements, identifying and amending any transactional errors as you go,
  • Reconcile the accounts,
  • Back up your data,
  • Conduct a stocktake, and
  • Create EOFY statements, including tax payment summaries and submit those to your owners.

The number one way to reduce stress on the job in property management, at EOFY and throughout the year, is to automate tasks. And the best software for automating tasks as well as a host of additional benefits in property management is Maintenance Manager.

Maintenance Manager is the most advanced, reliable and endorsed maintenance software on the market today. Designed to enhance the maintenance journey, the cloud-based software fully integrates with all the leading trust accounting platforms, from PropertyMe, Console and Rest Professional to Palace and MultiArray, making EOFY and running your business more streamlined and efficient.

If you are only managing maintenance tasks in your trust system, you’re missing out on a host of time saving features delivered by Maintenance Manager, including:

  • Fully automated reminders to follow up the landlord, tenant and tradespeople,
  • Full verification of trade professionals and verification of contracts, and
  • Complete transparency of all jobs and their status, with jobs marked according to urgency, so you know where to focus your energy.

Maintenance Manager also automatically directs all invoices to your trust system, making end of month and EOFY reconciliation a breeze.

Lauren Robinson, Principal, Licensee and Director of Property Management from Rental Results in Brisbane, who use PropertyMe for their trust accounting, appreciates the significant time savings they have achieved since introducing Maintenance Manager to the office. She says, “It (Maintenance Manager) also makes sure your contractors are actually insured, which takes that risk away from us as an office and gives us access to a larger pool of tradespeople. It’s a no brainer.”

Property Manager, Nathan Andrew from RE/MAX Executives says, “Using Maintenance Manager with our trust accounting software (Console) has simplified our office, our job and our lives.” Julie Collins, a Property Manager with more than 25 years’ experience from First National Real Estate in Toronto NSW agrees. “Maintenance Manager sets things apart because it’s working in the background when you’re not manually working on the things to keep everything organised and people communicated with,” she says.

Other features of Maintenance Manager include:

  • Consolidated KPI tracking capability for both the Property Management team and trade suppliers.
  • A prioritised, colour-coded workflow menu displayed in a side bar on the dashboard for maximum visibility.
  • Top five jobs displayed at all times.
  • Tenant portal with triage capability.
  • The ability to quickly and easily create a new maintenance request.

If you haven’t used Maintenance Manager before, now, as you prepare for EOFY, is the perfect time to get on board. Furthermore, if you encourage your landlords to invest in a Property Safe inspection report (Australia’s leading safety inspection service focused on protecting tenants and minimising risk for landlords and agents) your agency will receive Maintenance Manager free of charge, even if your landlords opt not to have the safety inspection report carried out. Click here to learn more about the benefits of having a PropertySafe inspection report completed every two years. Let landlords know the cost of the report is fully tax deductible as an added incentive.

Contact us for an obligation free demonstration of Maintenance Manager today and we will show you how easy it is to integrate with your trust accounting software and all the time (not to mention the stress) that this will save you.

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