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Maintenance Manager


Minimise your risk with residential home safety inspections

 Software solution for maintenance workflow

Mobile routine property inspection app 

PropertySafe 2019

What is InspectSafe?


InspectSafe is the latest cloud-based, mobile property inspection solution transforming the way residential property inspections are managed across Australia & New Zealand.

InspectSafe captures key information from all property and tenancy software and covers entry, exit and routine inspections to streamline the inspection process and reduce the time spent on inspections and reporting.

Keep tenants and workers safe through instant distress alert

Quickly produce customised condition reports and real-time 

Review, capture and facilitate maintenance requests on-site via the app

Last inspection data can be included and reviewed on-site 

What is a PropertySafe Report?

Sample Report

A PropertySafe report is a professional, outsourced residential property inspection which increases tenant and worker safety & reduces organisational legal risks.

It covers more than 120 safety issues – including balcony, deck and stair safety, as well as slips, trips, falls, gas, and electrical.

National qualified inspection team

Customisable industry audits & reports

Workflow repairs in Maintenance Manager

Reduce operational costs

What is Maintenance Manager?


Maintenance Manager is the NDIS, Community and Social Housing sector’s most trusted software solution for worker and tenant safety, maintenance workflow and risk mitigation.

Maintenance Manager helps housing providers track maintenance on their properties while keeping tenant outcomes, worker well-being and safety at its core.

Reduces risk and manage sustainable, safe and affordable homes

Save significant time in reporting & handling maintenance

Excellent customer service to tenants & prospective tenants of social housing

Provision of prompt, accurate data and reporting

PropertySafe has an extensive suite of risk mitigation solutions for social housing providers. 

PropertySafe is a strong, credible, international business that aims to promote better safety for tenants in properties, and to provide property workers with a comprehensive strategy to reduce risk and improve maintenance workflow.

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