National Safety Alert on Gas Heaters

National Safety Alert on Gas Heaters


A national safety warning has been issued this month on four gas heater models following a tragic death from carbon monoxide poisoning in Victoria.  With winter just around the corner, this is an issue all property managers must be on top of now.

The four models in question all failed safety tests, prompting the national alert. They are all open-flued gas space heaters.

The four models are:

  • Regency i31 supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Regency F38 and FG38 supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd and the F38 and FG38 models branded and supplied by Masport prior to 2006 (excluding LP models).
  • Real Flame Pyrotech (manufactured from 2012) supplied by Glen Dimplex Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Nectre 2000 (manufactured from 2007) supplied by Glen Dimplex Australia Pty Ltd.

Due to the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning, anyone who owns one of the above heaters must register with the suppliers and have the heater tested and modified by a licensed gas fitter. They must not use the heater until the modification has been completed.

What do I need to do?

As property managers, any properties you manage with open flued gas heaters could be affected, which could put the safety of tenants at risk. We recommend you issue a bulk email to alert all tenants to check their gas heater if they have one.

Use Maintenance Manager for your bulk email if you have it. In addition to stating the models in question (copy and paste the above list), your email should include the following instructions:

  1. Check the model of your gas heater (it should be clearly indicated on the front of the unit). Click here and scroll down the article in the link for images of the models in question for ease of identification.
  2. If you have one of the 4 models listed above DO NOT use it until it can be tested by a licensed gas fitter and has been found to be safe for use.
  3. Contact us immediately and we will call the relevant supplier and arrange to have your heater inspected by a licensed gas fitter as a matter of priority.
  4. Email the landlord to advise him/her of the action you have taken.
  5. If you are using Maintenance Manager, log an automated follow-up and reminder alert and they system will create an audit trail of all actions. Do this manually if you don’t use Maintenance Manager.

The numbers to call are:

1800 860 660 (Fireplace Products Australia) for Regency i31, F38 and FG38

1300 014 389 (Glen Dimplex Australia) for Real Flame Pyrotech and Nectre 2000

As a general safety precaution, all gas heaters should be serviced at least every two years by a qualified gas fitted. If the heater is more than ten years old, it should be serviced annually.

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