6 ways to achieve better service from tradies

6 ways to achieve better service from tradies

How frustrating is it when you have an obliging landlord who is happy to approve maintenance but you can’t find a good tradie to do the job? This article explores 6 ways to achieve better service from tradies.

As a property manager it’s hard enough convincing some landlords of the importance of timely property maintenance to keep tenants safe and in their property for longer. The last thing you need after finally winning a negotiation to proceed with a maintenance job is not being able to find a good tradie to complete the work.

Here are 6 ways to achieve better and faster service from tradies:

  1. Be thorough in your tradie selection process

If you don’t already have a trusted network of reliable tradies to call on it’s never too late to build your A-team. Pay careful attention to your selection process. Seek trade professionals that are:

  • Fully qualified and licensed,
  • Local,
  • Reliable,
  • Professional in appearance and attitude, and
  • Have a good track record (check reviews).

Ensure your network includes tradies prepared to attend to urgent requests. Don’t go for the cheapest (unless the cheapest ticks all the right boxes listed above). Often the cheapest option can end up costing your landlord more. And remember, you are the one recommending them, so your reputation is on the line every time you do.

  1. Be considerate of your tradie’s time

Being mindful that your tradie’s time is as important as yours will go a long way to forging a good relationship with them, making them more accommodating when maintenance requests come through. A digital solution that allows for open, transparent communication between all stakeholders (property manager, landlord, tenant and tradie) and job scheduling really helps.

  1. Be specific in the brief

Imagine the frustration a tradie feels when they arrive onsite only to find they don’t have the right tools or parts to do the job or can’t access the property because the brief didn’t contain sufficient information. This will also result in frustration from the tenant. Always provide your tradies with a detailed brief that explains exactly what needs to be done, how to access the property, the urgency of the job and anything else they may need to be aware of.

  1. Give them space to do their job

 Every time a tradie has to answer a call they need to down tools, disrupting their workflow. Rather than constantly following up your tradies by phone, take advantage of smart technology that enables you to track the progress of outstanding maintenance jobs.

  1. Pay on time

Most tradies are small or micro business owners who rely on being paid on time in order to generate sufficient cash flow to pay themselves and their subcontractors. Pay on time and you will earn their loyalty and respect, making for a better relationship and faster response times in future.

  1. Review their service

 If you are happy with the service provided by a tradie let them know and write a positive online review. In today’s digital world, online reviews build enormous credibility and are one of the main ways people select a service provider.

Working with the Maintenance Manager app will allow you to meet all the recommendations above with professionalism and ease. The simple-to-use property maintenance and risk mitigation app includes a trade database containing all the details of your trusted network of trade partners. The system provides instant notifications and messaging between the property manager, tenant, landlord and trade professionals. Contact us for an obligation-free demonstration.

Remember, as a property manager your role revolves around building and maintaining positive relationships as much as it does around compliance and transactions. Keeping the lines of communication open with your tradies will make your job far less stressful and keep both landlords and tenants happy.

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