How clean is ‘reasonably clean’?

How clean is ‘reasonably clean’?

Legislation generally requires that tenants leave a property ‘reasonably clean’ when their lease ends in order to receive their full bond back. But how do you define something as subjective as the term, ‘reasonably clean’?

Those of you with teenagers will appreciate that not everyone will agree on the definition of cleanliness. While you could argue that this is just another one of those ‘grey areas’ in our industry that we just have to put up with, there is a way to give it more clarity. In property management, the definition of ‘reasonably clean’ will depend on the condition of the house when the tenant moved in.

To avoid disputes, it is vital that you document and photograph everything thoroughly at the time of the ingoing inspection and during routine inspections. Creating an audit trail from the start of the Lease Agreement is the only way to irrefutably prove the condition and cleanliness of the property, and provides a comparable standard for what was considered reasonably clean at the time.

Given that property managers can come and go and methods of documentation and perception of cleanliness can vary from one person to another, the best way to benchmark the state of repair and cleanliness of a property is by using technology. The leading App on the market for this purpose is InspectSafe.

Downloaded on your tablet or smartphone, InspectSafe allows you to conduct inspections, keep all parties in the loop and maintain a complete and indisputable audit trail on the condition and cleanliness of the property from start to end of a tenancy. Being cloud-based, the audit trail can be picked up by anyone in the office, so if a property manager leaves or is on holidays at the end of a tenancy, another agent has access to all the details online.

So next time a tenant claims to have left a property ‘reasonably clean’, but you beg to differ, simply refer to them to the Ingoing Condition Report details held on the system.

The App allows you to quickly and easily perform the following functions onsite:

  • Set up a new inspection (takes less than 30 seconds)
  • Produce branded inspection reports
  • Capture and facilitate maintenance tasks
  • View the last inspection data online – allows you to make on the spot comparisons when conducting routine and outgoing inspections
  • Enter detailed inspection notes
  • Take and store photos
  • Create professional PDF reports
  • Email reports to tenants and landlords, creating an instant audit trail

InspectSafe also includes a personal safety feature. Should you ever be in a situation where you feel unsafe while out and about, simply touch the prompt on the screen and InspectSafe will automatically track your location and submit an instant distress alert.

Request a demonstration of InspectSafe today.

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