Getting real with goal setting in 2020

Getting real with goal setting in 2020

Traditionally the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to establish goals for the year ahead. But like New Year’s resolutions, goals are made and broken all the time. This doesn’t mean they’re not worth making. On the contrary, goal setting is important in any business. The key is to factor accountability into each goal set.

We’ve all been there. We return to work refreshed from a break, motivated to raise the benchmark, hit the ground running and do things better than we did the year before. Then reality sets in and before we know it, we’re back to old habits, overwhelmed with a growing to-do list and any thoughts of meeting goals are well and truly out the window.

Here are some tips to ensure you arrive at the end of 2020 with your goals ticked off. Ideally you would complete the following exercise on your own and as a team.


Before setting your goals for 2020, start by reviewing the previous year to assess what worked and what didn’t in your office. What measures did you implement to grow your rent roll? How effective were they? What was your average vacancy rate? How satisfied were your landlords with the management of their properties? How quickly did you respond to and act on maintenance requests from tenants? How effective were your trade professionals at completing jobs in a timely manner? What could you and your team do more effectively? How could you be more efficient with your time?


List your personal and your team’s top achievements in 2019 and take a moment to celebrate those. Then consider how you could take those wins to the next level in 2020.

Acknowledge and accept

Be brutally honest when reviewing last year’s performance, accept any shortcomings, using those as an opportunity to improve and pivot for better results this year.

Write down your goals the old-fashioned way

Did you know that sales of paper diaries are on the rise globally? That’s because the simple act of writing goals down on paper makes it easier to keep them front of mind and commit to them. Technology is great for many things, but goal setting is best done the old-fashioned way, yes even in 2020!

Consider personal goals as well

While you may (and hopefully do) love your job as a property manager or BDM, for most of us, our work is a means to living the lifestyle we want to live. So write down your personal lifestyle goals for 2020 as well as your professional goals so you can ensure they align. For instance, if your goal is to spend more time with the family this year, one of your professional goals should be to improve your time management so that you don’t have to work as much overtime as you did in 2019.

Be accountable

If there is one key to meeting your goals, it’s accountability. Motivation is great but it has a use by date without measures in place to be held accountable. This is where technology comes back into the picture and plays an important role. Maintenance Manager not only dramatically improves team efficiencies and time management but also allows you to keep track of everyone’s KPIs, including your own. The mobile cloud-based software solution ensures everyone is kept informed about the status of each maintenance job and prioritises tasks, keeping them front and centre on the home screen so nothing can be overlooked. It also automates follow-ups and reminders to ensure things get done in a timely manner and demonstrate best practice to landlords and tenants.

It’s time to get real about goal setting in 2020. Contact us to learn how Maintenance Manager can help and keep you and the team accountable to meeting them.