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Minimise your risk with residential home safety inspections

 Software solution for maintenance workflow

Mobile inspection, maintenance and safety app

PropertySafe 2021

What is the MMgr Location App?


The Maintenance Manager Location App allows field workers to log and review maintenance, conduct on-site property inspections and access internal documentation which reduces time spent on reporting. 

The inbuilt personal safety alarm increases field worker and tenant safety.

Perform mobile property inspections and upload all data on-site

Review, log and verify maintenance on-site 

Upload and store important documents for field workers to view

Instant distress alerts keep field workers and tenants safe

What is a PropertySafe Report?

Sample Report

A PropertySafe report is a professional, outsourced residential property inspection which increases tenant and worker safety & reduces organisational legal risks.

It covers more than 120 safety issues – including balcony, deck and stair safety, as well as slips, trips, falls, gas, and electrical.

National qualified inspection team

Customisable industry audits & reports

Workflow repairs in Maintenance Manager

Reduce operational costs

What is Maintenance Manager?


Maintenance Manager is the Community Housing sector’s most trusted software solution for worker and tenant safety, maintenance workflow and risk mitigation.

Maintenance Manager helps housing providers track maintenance on their properties while keeping tenant outcomes, worker well-being and safety at its core.

Reduces risk and manage sustainable, safe and affordable homes

Save significant time in reporting & handling maintenance

Excellent customer service to tenants & prospective tenants of social housing

Provision of prompt, accurate data and reporting

PropertySafe has an extensive suite of risk mitigation solutions for community housing providers. 

PropertySafe is a strong, credible, international business that aims to promote better safety for tenants in properties, and to provide property workers with a comprehensive strategy to reduce risk and improve maintenance workflow.

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We recently held live presentations at the Community Housing Conference 2021

 We had such a great response to them we decided to open them up to the public.

Want to simplify your Asset forecasting? 

See how simple it can be using Maintenance Manager in combination with the MMgr Location App.  

Combined they link to create an inflation adjusted, forecast expenditure plan with asset lifecycle. 

View the results as a whole or by program, location plus many more options.

Maintenance Manager is a cloud-based suite of software solutions that provides you with:- 

Significant time savings handling the whole maintenance workflow 

Complete audit trails providing better risk mitigation

Data transfer with your housing and finance software

Enhanced communications to your clients and trade suppliers 

Trade supplier verification and agreements 

Fully integrated inspections for tenancy and asset teams.

Need some help completing professional safety, asset or custom inspections?

PropertySafe offers the only fully national professional inspection service to help Community Housing providers and other organisations get on top of their portfolio. 

All inspection outcomes provide professional PDF reports and integrated cloud-based dashboards for actioning items.

The MMgr Location app will save data duplication, provide user safety, legislative requirements and alerts.

Simple easy to use app for smart devices

Seamless transfer of all inspection data, including identified reactive maintenance

Professional PDF report output

Tenancy, asset and custom inspection types