Can technology improve the personal touch?

Can technology improve the personal touch?

A common misconception in real estate, including property management, is that technology takes away the personal touch. The truth is, the right technology can actually enhance it.

As a property manager, building relationships with landlords and tenants is key to your success. But you have to balance that with the need to be as efficient with your time as possible.

Today’s smart property management software helps you achieve both objectives. For starters, it helps you connect with your landlords, tenants and trade professionals for the right reasons at the right time. Contrary to what many people think and fear, technology is neither replacing one-on-one communication nor putting jobs at risk. Rather, the right technology improves the personal connection, which has the potential to create jobs. Why? Because the better the personal connection with clients, the more referrals your agency is likely to receive, helping to grow the rent roll. As Deloitte CEO, Peter Williams was recently quoted as saying, “Agents will not be replaced by technology; they will be replaced by agents with technology”.

Most property managers know the feeling of being flooded with emails and constant calls from owners and tenants. Using smart cloud-based property management software like Maintenance Manager, communication between you, the tenant, the owner and trades can be monitored and managed from the one place. This means calls and emails are minimised because everyone knows what is happening when, who is responsible for what and when tasks have been completed. So calls and emails can become courtesy follow-ups and a way to provide valued added information rather than chasing and putting out fires. Imagine how much easier life would be!

Here are just a few of the benefits Maintenance Manager delivers to improve your customer service to landlords and tenants and save you time:

  • Consolidated KPI tracking capability for the property management team and trade suppliers.
  • A prioritised, colour-coded workflow menu displayed on the dashboard to make finding, interpreting, prioritising and managing jobs in the system quicker and easier.
  • Enhanced call to actions so you know who to follow up to add the personal touch while progressing jobs.
  • Top five jobs displayed at all times.
  • A tenant portal with triage capability.
  • The ability to quickly and easily create a new maintenance request.
  • Seamless connectivity with all the main trust accounting platforms.

So next time you think technology is replacing personal interaction, think again. The right technology, like Maintenance Manager, will help you connect with people for better reasons, reduce risk by keeping an auditable trail of everything and enjoy a better work/life balance in the process. Technology is here to stay. Make it your friend. Contact us for an obligation free demonstration of Maintenance Manager today.

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