Santa is not the only one delivering…

Santa is not the only one delivering…

So, what Maintenance Manager goodies can you expect in 2020?

We are excited about delivering all our hard work and significantly raising the bar for Maintenance Manager. 

Get ready to welcome Maintenance Manager 5.1. This is not just an upgraded version of the Beta 5.0 released in 2019, it is vastly enhanced. Based off some of the excellent feedback you have provided to us, we have further improved it, PLUS we have now added some very valuable additions.

MMgr 5.1 is simpler, cleaner, more intuitive, faster, flexible and more integrated than ever. Best of all, it will be available in January 2020.

New exciting features include :-

Tenant Triage – the revolutionary upgrade to the Tenant App will further streamline the lodgement of property maintenance. The triage process will invoke self-help notes, prompting the tenant to try to solve the issue prior to escalation. In the instance where a solution is unable to be solved by the tenant, the complete information of what has and has not been completed is collated for your review. Overall, providing significant time savings and enhancing your level of customer service to your landlords and tenants.

Remote Quotes – this will change the way trades and tenants interact. Remote Quotes will allow either a Tenant, Landlord or Property Manager to live stream an issue to the Trade via our newly developed app. 

More than just a typical video call, it allows the trade to initiate the stream, direct the tenant to what they need to see, take screenshots and then everything is saved against the job. Thus expediting and simplifying the quoting process via reducing the need to visit the property.  This will speed up the maintenance process, saving everyone time and further enhancing your reputation.  

Job Funding – we all know the value of getting a little financial assistance when we need it, but not with real estate maintenance …until now. We are proud to be able to offer your Landlords Zip Funding for those jobs that are outside their immediate financial capacity. Zip Funding will allow your Landlords to get the repairs done today and to pay it back later with 0% interest. This will take away the stress of essential jobs being deferred and providing your agency another point of difference in the marketplace.  

Trust Integrations – we will now be able to offer new and improved integrations with all the major trust systems, including Console Cloud, Property Tree, PropertyMe and Palace Liquid.

These are just a few of the amazing stocking stuffer features we have planned for 2020 so stay tuned…